Photo Annual

Over 100 pages of photographs from throughout the first four issues along with new, unseen images. Bi-lingual captions*, silkscreened hardcover signed edition of 2500 copies.
All this in a 12″×9″ high-quality offset printed book.

Now Shipping!

Contributors: Andy Zalan, Tommi Hyvönen, Seng Chen, Andrew DeCoste, Yohei Morita, David R. Munson, Dani Sparrow, David Malosh, Kentaro Sugawa, Pai-commune, Tobias Romaniuk, Sexysushi, Edwin Toone, Mikey Tnasuttimonkol, Tomoaki Maeda, Kyle Johnson, Andrew MacDonald, Cate Hrobsky, Kim Ungerman, Christopher Olaf Berg, Jeff Curtes, Ed Glazar, James LaLonde, Andy White, Raymond McCrea Jones, Wille Yli-Luoma, Walter Lai, Christopher Dilts, Monmon, Teisuke Morimoto, Drew Bayley, Kay Tkatzik, Peter DiAntoni, Eric Von Munz.

*Japanese and English

$40.00 – U.S.

$45.00 – Canada

$55.00 – International

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