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Best MTB Gloves Reviewed

Best Best Mountain Bike Gloves ReviewedMountain biking can be fun, fast, and exciting, but no one wants their day on the track to end with an injury.

Helmets, gloves, and pads can make all the difference if you ever have a tumble, and those that take mountain biking seriously will always work hard to make sure that they have the right protection when they go for a ride.

That’s way we here at cogmag.com have scoured today’s saturated market to help you find the best MTB Gloves available. Our team has reviewed our top 5 picks that we believe will be the perfect fit for your maintain biking setup.

While it is entirely possible to enjoy an off-road adventure without wearing safety gear, it’s always best to have this sort of equipment and not need it, than to find yourself needing it when you haven’t brought it along.

Most MTB riders will at least wear a helmet and pads, but gloves are often forgotten, especially on hotter days.

Protecting your hands and enhancing your grip, MTB gloves are an excellent addition to the kit that you take on each ride, but you need to make sure that you pick a pair that will offer the right level of protection.

Good mountain bike gloves will be able to protect you from scuffs, punctures, and even crushing forces, making it well worth taking the time to find the right pair for you.

Join us as we explore 5 of the best mountain bike gloves available on the market at the moment. It’s always smart to prioritise your personal protection when you’re taking part in extreme sports.

There are a lot of different mountain bike glove options available on the market, giving you the chance to shop around to find a pair that offers the right level of protection and matches the styles that you like. We’ve collected 5 of the best pairs of mountain bike gloves in 2021, giving you a head start.

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Best MTB Gloves

1. Gore Wear MTB Gloves

Gore Wear MTB Gloves Review

Gore Wear MTB Gloves

Gore has become a popular name in the cycling world over the last few years.

Having invented Gore-Tex, a waterproof, lightweight, and breathable fabric, this company produces some of the best cycling equipment available on the modern market.

Their Gore Wear MTB Gloves are simple and lack some of the features of other gloves, but this can be an advantage when you want to focus on hitting the track.

These gloves come with adjustable velcro wrist-straps and ergonomically curved fingers, enabling you to get the perfect fit with ease.

They also include silicon grips on the fingers and palms, along with reflective sections to make the gloves nice and safe. What’s best, though, is that these MTB gloves come equipped with touchscreen compatibility, saving you from removing your gloves when you need to use your devices.

All-in-all, the Gore Wear MTB Gloves are a great choice for mountain bike enthusiasts that are looking for an option that can be used in all weather conditions.

The waterproof Gore-Tex construction makes these gloves ideal for use during rainy weather, while the breathability of this material also makes them good for sunny days.

To top it off, Gore-Tex is tough enough to be tear and abrasion-resistant, giving you added protection in case you find yourself making a mistake while riding your MTB.

2. Fox Racing Defend Fire BMX MTB Gloves

Fox Racing Defend Fire BMX MTB Gloves Review

Fox Racing Defend Fire BMX MTB Gloves

Well-known as a manufacturer for off-road motorcycle equipment, Fox is very well placed to be making gloves for mountain bike riders.

Their experience in the field of protective equipment has made them very good at creating impact-resistant designs that are still comfortable, lightweight, and a pleasure to wear, and the Fox Racing Defend Fire BMX/MTB Gloves are a great choice for both casual and professional riders alike.

These gloves have been specially designed for fall and winter riding, with a fleece lining that will keep your hands nice and toasty while your ride.

A tough outer material provides good waterproofing and abrasion resistance, though the biggest feature of these gloves is their knuckle protection.

Featuring a design that is rated for D3O Impact Protection, protecting your hands from just about anything that the track could throw at you.

A moulded cuff is secured with a hook and loop enclosure, leaving you to feel confident that these gloves will stay on your hands.

Alongside this, the gloves also have anti-slip grips on the fingers and palms, giving you even more security and enabling you to think about what’s important as you ride down the track.

These gloves are ideal for riders that enjoy their sport in cold conditions, but you can still wear them in summer if you are happy to take time to cool off during your ride.

3. POC, Resistance Pro DH MTB Gloves

POC, Resistance Pro DH MTB Gloves Review

POC, Resistance Pro DH MTB Gloves

POC is another well-known brand in the cycling market, offering products for just about every type of cycling you can find.

Many of POC’s products are designed for very specialised purposes, and these POC Resistance Pro DH MTB Gloves are no different.

Designed primarily for downhill mountain biking, these gloves offer incredibly high levels of protection, making them ideal for those that take their sport very seriously.

Featuring special impact absorbing VPD system pads, Resistance Pros are able to withstand a lot more punishment than many of the other MTB gloves on the market.

Durable ceramic fabric is used to create the glove’s outer layer, offering abrasion and puncture resistance, while also being comfortable and breathable.

Special EVA padding is used on the ring and little finger, as well as on the palm, provided comfort and added protection. These gloves feature touchscreen-compatible thumbs and nose wipes on the wrists.

Downhill MTB riding is widely regarded as one of the most dangerous sports that can be done on two wheels.

Wearing the right equipment is crucial, but companies like POC have spent a long time perfecting the options they offer for activities like this.

Additional touches, like the silicon grip pads and ceramic fabric, making these gloves a great choice for those who are looking for serious protection on the track. Of course, though, they may be a little too much for those who are looking for gloves for more casual riding.

4. EVS Sports Wrister 2.0 MTB Gloves

EVS Sports Wrister 2.0 MTB Gloves Review

EVS Sports Wrister 2.0 MTB Gloves

Many people undervalue the protective power that gloves can offer while mountain biking, but these EVS Sports Wrister 2.0 MTB Gloves are a testament to the importance of this equipment.

Designed to offer advanced wrist protection, these gloves are great for downhill MTB riding, and other types of off-road cycling. These gloves were originally designed for use on motocross, but they have also proven popular amongst regular cyclists.

Featuring a unique shock-absorbing system, these gloves can protect you against hyperextension and compression, and these are some of the most common MTB injuries.

An injection-moulded spine is held tightly to your wrist with a 360-wrap, using a hook and loop system to hold it securely to your wrist. The palm and fingers on these gloves are silicone coated to ensure that you always have an excellent grip.

These gloves are quite thick and heavy, largely thanks to the RMF impact guards found on the knuckles of each glove. This means that they aren’t as well-suited to summer riding as other gloves, but they offer ample protection to make up for this.

Casual MTB riders are likely to struggle to make use of all of the features on this pair, but those taking part in extremely cycling will be happy to know that they have excellent protection.

5. 100% Brisker Cold Weather MTB Gloves

100% Brisker Cold Weather MTB Gloves Review

100% Brisker Cold Weather MTB Gloves

As their name suggests, 100% Brisker Cold Weather MTB Gloves are designed for use during winter.

Many people struggle to enjoy the outdoors comfortable when the weather is bad, but with waterproofing and insulation, this option will be perfect for anyone who wants to ignore the weather on their rides.

Made using a lightweight and durable out material, these gloves have been perfectly insulated on the inside using a microfibre interior that will wick sweat and keep you comfortable as you ride. This insulation makes the gloves comfortable during cold weather, while waterproofing across the glove will keep your hands dry.

These gloves use integrated “tech thread” to make them smartphone-compatible, ensuring that you can stay connected without having to take your gloves off to use your phone.

Comfort is a key feature of these gloves, with an adjustable wrist closure and a Clarion palm that will ensure that they always… fit like a glove.

Alongside being comfortable, these gloves also offer abrasion and puncture resistance, but won’t offer the same level of protection as the other gloves in this review. Much like some of the other gloves on this list, these gloves are also suitable for motocross.

Top Mountain Bike Gloves Features To Consider

Finding the perfect mountain bike glove for you isn’t as simple as looking at a list of the best options on the web.

It’s always worth exploring the market for yourself, especially if you have a particular style for your gloves in mind. Let’s take a look at some of the key features you need to look for when you’re picking a pair of MTB gloves.

Weather Protection

People often neglect weather protection when they are choosing their cycling gloves.Weather protection is crucial when you are cycling, especially if you like to go out when the weather is bad.

Waterproofing should be standard on any good MTB glove, though it can also help to look for options that have advanced grips, pores for breathability, and linings that will keep your hands warm.

Padding & Protection

While you may never end up falling off your bike, it’s always worth having the protection you need just in case.

Knuckle guards, finger padding, wrist braces, and a range of other tools are used for this, but you need to make sure that the gloves you pick have the right kind of protection for the type of cycling you’ll be doing.

For example, casual MTB riders will only need basic protection, while a downhill cyclist will need a pair with a lot more.

Grip & Fit

MTB gloves should always be designed to give you confidence, enabling you to forget about them while you ride.

This makes it crucial that they adequate grips on the palms and fingers, as well as fitting your hands well enough to stay firmly placed on them as you ride.

Gloves with added adjustment will usually be the best choice if you have particularly small hands.

Breathability & Wicking

Cycling will get your body warm and sweaty, even when you do it in colder weather.

This can leave gloves feeling slimy and uncomfortable, making it well worth looking for options that either offers excellent breathability or have a wicking material inside that will soak up the sweat you produce.

Some people are less sweaty than others, so this will depend on the experience you have when you ride.

Additional Features

There are loads of additional features to look for when you want to find the perfect pair of MTB gloves. Nose wipes can help you to keep yourself looking presentable, while reflectors will make you safer when riding in dark conditions.

Much like the other areas in this section, it’s worth spending some time thinking about the type of cycling you do and the features that could be useful for it before you decide on the gloves you want to buy.

Finding the perfect pair of mountain biking gloves for you can take a lot of time and research, giving you plenty to get on with.

Many cycling stores stock a wide range of gloves, giving you the chance to try them on and test them out before you pick the option that you want to use, and this can be a good place to get started.

More and more MTB gloves are hitting the market all the time, giving you access to a wealth of options that can protect your hands while you enjoy the track.