About Cog MagLike most kids, learning to ride a bike was a watershed moment in my life. I watched my older brother accomplish the feat of magnificence a year before me, and I felt the fire of fascination burning on my mind until I mastered the skill for myself.

Of course, we first learned to ride on more stable surfaces like the roads and sidewalks, but it wasn’t long before we took to the trails and rolled the dice in the dirt and the muddy wallows. Our trail rides were fairly long for kids, and being boys we had a natural inclination for conquering the largest mud holes we could find. The abundance of trail systems surrounding our area made for a lot of dirty laundry. That love for trail riding has extended well into our adulthood.

Enjoying the fresh air on a bike ride is not something unique to me and my brother. Cycling is incredibly popular in a whole variety of applications. People around the world use bikes as an affordable and effective means of transportation. For many, bicycles are much more than only amusing and entertaining.

Whether a bike is your link to earning your livelihood, part of your training routine, or a pastime that just makes you feel alive, you are in good company. Take a ride around your neighborhood. Get out on the trails, explore, discover, and enjoy. Bikes of all types are the passport to an unimaginable amount of fun and infinite ways to find enjoyment.

That’s why I started CogMag.com. I first started enjoying outdoor adventures on a bike, and I still love riding with my family. With all my many hours, days, and years spent journeying on a bike, I wanted to gather all the resources I’ve picked up along the way and bring them here to share on CogMag.

I hope you find the information we at the CogMag.com team have assembled useful. If you have any questions or suggestions you can contact us here.