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Road Bikes

BoatingRoads are make for a much more uniform and predictable surface compared to trails lined with gravel or shifting dirt. Bike riding on the well-trodden roads is by far the most popular approach at cycling. With all our well maintained roads it’s pretty easy to understand why. Truthfully, road bikes go everywhere today. From the urban sprawl of our most heavily populated cities, to the small villages where motorized vehicles are more sparse than hen’s teeth, road bikes rule the day.

Thankfully road bikes are remarkably versatile machines, and there are a spectacular variety of designs to cover nearly every conceivable need. As you might have guessed by the name, road bikes are not made for the trail. They won’t perform well off the road and they are not designed to. They are designed for sped, cornering, breaking and climbing hills. And the smoother the pavement, the better. This is the environment where road bikes shine.

Typical road bike designs have skinny tires, no suspension, a lightweight frame, and multiple gears. Road bikes typically feature two cogs on the front crank set while the rear cassette may feature up to 11 gears, for example. This combination would provide 22 gears and allow the rider to traverse a huge variety of slopes and control how difficult or easy the riding might be.

For all-around functional designs you might look at hybrid bike designs in order to capture a wider cross-over into the benefits of a mountain bike as well as the road bike designs. Hybrids are a jack-of-all-trades design. On the pavement, a road bike will out perform a hybrid, but a hybrid will also outperform a mountain bike on uneven or rough pavement that a road bike won’t handle well. For mixed terrain and multi-disciplinary cycling, hybrids are excellent multi-faceted machines.